Robbie Rivera on New DJs: "Everyone is Starting to Sound the Same"

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Like you, many up-and-coming DJs are getting started in their teenage years. What's the most important piece of advice you can give newbie DJs or EDM producers starting out? Don't copy everyone else. You need to start creating original music because what's happening is everyone is starting to sound the same.

How have you reinvented yourself or your sound over the years? My sound has constantly evolved over the years, just as I have evolved as an artist and businessman. But even still, people know me for a very specific Juicy sound, which I would characterize as being tough, sexy house music! I also make sure to buy all the new software and learn them fast so I am not left behind.

How busy are you these days, between gigs, producing, recording, and collaborating? I work every day like a normal person and on the weekends I travel for shows. That gives me plenty of time to do everything I want. Sometimes I miss having a free weekend to be able to spend with friends and family that have regular jobs, but my life is pretty great, so I can't complain.

What do you do during what little down time you have? Shopping and chilling in Miami with my wife and dog, Roxy.

You've collaborated with Antoine Clamaran over the years, most recently on "Legend of the Drums." What's relationship between the two of you like? I've known Antoine for a very long time. We have worked together in the past and I've had him at my Juicy Beach party in Miami. It was good to get to work with him again on another collab.

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