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Robyn: Body Talk

Artist: Robyn Title: Body Talk Release date: November 22 Label: Interscope

The critics sure do love the Swedish dance-pop star Robyn, who's been releasing Body Talk in chunks throughout 2010 and now has finally dropped the entire album as one 15-song compendium. But there seems to be a common theme of the reviews of Body Talk Pt. 1 and 2: Why hasn't Robyn caught on in America?

On the surface, it seems like a good question. Robyn has a radio-ready voice (think: not quite as pixie-ish Kylie Minogue), 21st-century-ready dance beats, and arena-ready choruses (Lady Gaga would be proud).

But America already has one Lady Gaga, and everything compared to her (including Robyn) seems puny. On the other end of the spectrum, America already has one Katy Perry, and Robyn seems far too edgy, a little too angry, and considerably more artful for those who lap up Perry's candy corn dance-pop.

That sort of leaves Robyn in the middle, which is really to say that leaves Robyn in the margins, not an uncomfortable place to be in the land of indie rock and pop but probably little lonely when you should be a big star, if not a superstar.

Fembot by robyn

Best song: "Don't Fucking Tell Me What to Do" and "Fembot" are my favorites. "Indestructible" should be the hit, though. Rotation: Medium Deja vu: This is the direction Pink should have gone after "Get the Party Started" I'd rather listen to: Scissor Sisters' Night Work Grade: B

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