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Rock the Folk OUT!

What do we have here? Imagine the Blue Collar Comedy Tour. Now imagine Jeff Foxworthy, Bill Engvall, and Larry the Cable Guy transformed into homosexual folk singers with flawless hairlines. Yeah, Rock the Folk OUT! is kinda like that — a confederacy of hyper-earnest singer-songwriters who have joined forces to give gay music fans their rightful dose of douche-y Damien Rice-style ear love. Even in gay households, they're not household names. New York-based Stewart Lewis once sold a song to Dawson's Creek and scored a minor hit with the lachrymose single "This Is Not a Love Song." Tourmate Jake Walden recently released his debut album, Kicking and Screaming, after an abortive acting career. Tom Goss, hailed by one interviewer for his "laid-back John Denver flair," hails from D.C. and says that selling records is less important than "reaching people and communicating with people." That's the kind of music-messiah emoting that audiences can expect with the three folksters alight on P-town. As Walden admits on his Web site: "If I haven't made half the audience cry, not out of sadness, but out of hope, then I haven't done my job."
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Craig Outhier