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Rockabilly Band Three Bad Jacks Sets Fire to Rebel Lounge, Forcing Venue to Close Until Wednesday

A rockabilly band set fire to the floor of the Rebel Lounge Saturday, triggering the venue's sprinkler system and forcing the venue to close until Wednesday.

Los Angeles band Three Bad Jacks, which judging from their press photo appears to be as straight-up rockabilly as you can imagine, complete with a singer named Elvis, has a history of using fire in their live shows, but this one appeared to go downhill fast.

Instagram user evilchavo was there Saturday night. Evilchavo posted videos of the incident, which appear to show singer Elvis Suissa pouring a bottle of lighter fluid onto a raging fire just in front of the stage. After a rather robust squirt, the flames appear to get five or six feet high. Everyone in the crowd cheers. But then the second video shows the aftermath. Everyone is cheering until the venue's sprinkler system kicks in, instantly turning cheers into gasps of shock as the sprinklers douse the flames — and everyone in attendance. 

Three shows have been canceled — a Valentine's Day storytelling event, a Fairy Bones gig today, and a Futurekind show on Tuesday. The Rain Delay's show on Wednesday appears to be on, for now.

New Times has reached out to Rebel Lounge owner Stephen Chilton for more information.

Check out the videos below. 

#threebadjacks #rebellounge part1

A video posted by @evilchavo on

#threebadjacks #rebellounge part 2

A video posted by @evilchavo on

Update, 11:02 a.m., 2/15/2016: This article has been updated from its original version, and the headline has changed. 
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