Rockabilly Thursday at The Blooze Bar

This is the first in a series of reviews on weekly events at local bars. Having lived in the Valley my whole life, I only recently realized that tons of bars offer weekly events featuring bands that are staples of the music community. The shows are nearly always free, and the bands are nearly always among the best and most seasoned in their styles. We're going to review them all...

The show: Rockabilly Thursday with The Heymakers at The Blooze Bar

Three words/phrases to describe the night: chill, vintage, hair grease

Who to bring with you: A friend, or a really cool date

Drink of the night: PBR Tallboy 

This week, I visited The Blooze Bar for some classic rockabilly with The Heymakers. The band and their fans seem to exist in a time warp, but then again, so do most rockabilly shows. Fashion seems to have come to a halt at the mid-'50s, with band members and patrons alike sporting anything from that decade and before. While frontman Pat Roberts wore a stylish leopard print string tie complimented by a pompadour, while the rhythm section, consisting of a drummer and bassist, (sometimes upright,) wore black collared shirts with red neckerchiefs. Bold.

The bar is divey, with cheap drinks and friendly bartenders. The back wall of the club not only hosted the stage, but a half of a plastic Nascar protruding near the corner. There are a few pool tables, and also an adorable checkered dance floor. What's nice about classic nights like this one is that couples don't often feel shy about occupying that oft intimidating space front and center, and they usually know cute, classic dance moves.

While the night may be labeled "rockabilly," it's also filled with classic country like Johnny Cash and Arizona native Waylon Jennings. Though The Heymakers play around town a lot, they're easily overlooked. Pat Roberts' thick, classic voice is the perfect pairing with his edgy guitar-playing and old-fashioned sound. Vintage mics are used, and the band does a phenomenal job of evoking all the ambiance that is endearing about old country and rockabilly music.

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