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Roger Clyne Trying to Break Record for Most Sombreros in One Place

Did you know there was a Guinness world record for the most sombreros assembled in one place?

Well, apparently there is, and local rockers Roger Clyne & The Peacemakers wants to break it at the CD release party for their new album, Unida Cantina.

Cantina, the recording of which is the subject of the above video (please ignore the part where someone uses the term "Zipperhead," often considered an ethnic slur) will be out on Saturday, April 16. The band is throwing a big ol' fiesta at Salt River Fields, raising money for Valley of the Sun United Way in the process.

"We came up with the idea of the Sombrero Solution because we wanted to do something audacious and fun that would combine community giving with celebration," Clyne said in a press release. "The sombrero is a symbol of the Southwest and our unique confluence of cultures. Immediately recognizable, it represents the vim, vigor and vibrancy of the Southwest. So we thought, "Let's get our friends and fans together under the desert stars, wearing sombreros, play rock and roll and celebrate life. Let's lend a hand to our neighbors by supporting Valley of the Sun United Way, and while doing it, set a world record!"

Not a bad idea, I guess. Clyne concerts are usually a hell of a party, in any event.

You can get tickets here. Also be sure to bring a sombrero -- they're available directly from the band's merch portal or at any tourist trap in Old Town Scottsdale.

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