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Roky Erickson

Texas-born maverick Roky Erickson is one of the great insane geniuses of rock 'n' roll. Shortly after "You're Gonna Miss Me" became a huge hit for the 13th Floor Elevators, Erickson pleaded insanity to prevent doing hard time for a petty marijuana bust. After three years of shock therapy in a hospital for the criminally insane, Erickson emerged with a creative vision that made his early psychedelic musings seem tame. Erickson's non-linear guitar clang, jarring use of language and encyclopedic knowledge of early R&B styles is evident throughout this two-disc set that collects 44 career-spanning tracks. Included are "We Sell Soul," a raw early effort with his pre-Elevators band The Spades, 11 frenzied Elevator trips, "Red Temple Prayer (Two Headed Dog)," "Bloody Hammer" and a dozen more sci-fi-meets-demonic-metal excursions from his days with The Aliens, and most of All That May Do My Rhyme, Erickson's last recorded work (so far). -- j. poet
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J. Poet