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". . . Welcome back to Entertainment Tonight, I'm Mary Hart! It's been an up-and-down year for Hollywood's famed Coppola family, and no one knows that better than Robert Carmine, actor and lead singer of the alternative-pop group Rooney, and son of Rocky co-star Talia Shire, whose brother, of course, is director Francis Ford Coppola. Whew, did you get all that?! Anyhoo, Carmine -- who changed his name from Robert Coppola Schwartzman in order to maintain the Ôstreet cred' that's so important to young rock fans -- is spending the summer touring with his five-piece band, still trying to turn its much-hyped 2003 self-titled debut album into a bona fide hit! Certainly, he hasn't enjoyed the level of success attained by his cousin, director Sofia Coppola, who walked away from this year's Oscars with a Best Original Screenplay trophy for Lost in Translation. Then again, he's having a better 2004 than older brother Jason Schwartzman -- star of Rushmore and former drummer of rock band Phantom Planet -- whose Fox sitcom Cracking Up was canceled earlier this season after only six episodes. We're pulling for you and your band here at ET, Robert! Speaking of struggling actors turned singers, Jared Leto was recently spotted in Manhattan canoodling with . . ."
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Michael Alan Goldberg