Roxy Lounge Opens Friday

Roxy Lounge Opens Friday

​The legendary Roxy Theatre in Hollywood has a sterling rock legacy, but I have to be honest. I kind of expected the Scottsdale's new Roxy Lounge to be, uh, a little more unsavory -- especially considering the location they chose to house their new digs.

In my head, Roxy Lounge was rock n' roll in the same way that Ed Hardy is "totally rock n' roll," but considering the little Roxy's just announced lineup, it seems the owners are staying true to their original vision mucking it up with Old Town dance club style.

The brainchild of Nic Adler and family (including brother Cisco Adler of Shwayze,) Roxy Lounge has released tickets for solid local and national shows, including The Silent Comedy, Nico Vega, Semi Precious Weapons, Warner Drive, The Veragroove, Imagine Dragons, Banana Gun and more via TicketWeb. The first show kicks off with MathematiX and The New F-O's on Thursday at 8 p.m., with an official grand opening on Friday.

Best of luck to the Roxy crew and a word of advice -- stay true to your roots.

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