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RPM Challenge 2013: Start Your Songwriting and Recording Engines

Besides being Black History Month, did you also know February as its much lesser known monthly monicker Heartworm Awareness Month? National Pet Dental Health Awareness Month? Termite Awareness Month? Sinus Pain Awareness Month? That last one was moved up from March, presumably because we needed those three less days to be aware of sinus pain.

And it's also RPM Challenge Month, where recording artisans from all over the world pledge to a website started by a bunch of folk in Portsmouth, NH, that they will record an album (defined as "10 songs or 35 minutes of original music") from start to finish in the shortest month of the year and mail it in to RPM headquarters by March 1. Finishers win absolutely nothing for their efforts except bragging rights and they may lose some friends and relations along the way who cannot deal with this concentration of inspiration for an entire month. We have ten Arizona signups as of now with more sure to follow and on Thursday, March 21, at the FilmBar, these artists will unveil their works as part of that evening's Nerd Nite festivities.

Who will finish? Who will fold? Who can say?

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Serene Dominic
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