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Rumored Lamb Of God Show in Tempe Actually A Religious Thingy

Virginia metal band Lamb Of God is not playing a secret show in Tempe anytime soon. How do we know? The band sent out a press release clarifying that a Lamb Of God-related event in metro Phoenix is actually some religious thing.

LAMB OF GOD would like to officially denounce any buzz of a show that they have been rumored to be playing in the near future. The band will not be performing in Tempe, AZ at said show. The event is a religious play being performed in Tempe, and is NOT related to the band LAMB OF GOD at all, whatsoever.
So a sacrilegious metal band picks an ironic name to mock and annoy religious folks then is bothered by the inevitable confusion? Hilarious. Surely this is not the first time in the 16-year history of the band, which opened on Metallica's last tour and also got a main stage spot on this summer's Rockstar Mayhem tour, something like this has happened?

The band's PR rep and the pastor of Tempe's Lamb Of God Christian Center were not immediately available for comment.

In case you're interested, though, Lamb Of God's Sunday service will be at 9 a.m. at the church on Southern, just west of I-10.

Bless you, children, go forth in peace.

[UPDATE: There's also a Lamb Of God event at Gammage this fall. Also not related to the band.]

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