Runaway Train?

runawaydiamonds.jpg Saturday night I missed the CD release party for Runaway Diamonds album God's Mom and Her Turquoise Chow-Chow, which my fellow scribbler Ed Masley wrote about here, because I was at the Yucca Tap Room scoping out the Drunken Immortals (two of whom are also in this week's issue, in my column here). My correspondent on-the-scene filled me in on the show this morning though, and I'm pretty glad I didn't hit it up.

I've listened to the album, and it's ah-ight; the Casio-sounding melodies and beats are a bit silly, but honestly the lyrics kind of turn me off. Nonetheless, my homegirl Yolanda Bejarano is in the band so I wanted to see the show anyway, but apparently one more person is the last thing the overflowing show at Glam needed. Daggrr, the frontman for Army of Robots, told me that it was so crowded as to be miserable, and a large drunken guy plowed through the crowd, knocking bodies around, when he got booted out of there. Drunken Immortals show was crowded as well, but they threw down a great set and it wasn't so packed as to be uncomfortable. Oh well, I'll scope the Diamonds next time, if it's at a decent sized venue. And, as soon as I figure out my new blogging software, I'll throw a couple of songs up on this post. Until then, you can hear a few on their Myspace page that's linked to above.

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