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Rush Recording Upcoming Phoenix Show for DVD Release in 2013

Rush does its own thing. Resolutely, absolutely, completely.

The "Holy Triumvirate's" fierce individualism can be viewed as a tribute to one of its heroes, Ayn Rand, but it's okay if you're not into the Objectivist thing; you can appreciate Rush for exactly what it is: a power trio that's enjoyed a 40-year career despite the general indifference of critics, a tendency to craft complicated multi-suite prog epics, and the idea that it makes music for nerds. Eligible for induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame since 1998, the Hall is just got around to silencing the vocal crowds asking "Where's Rush?" by inducting the band this year. Well rejoice, Phoenix fans: Rush's Clockwork Angels tour stop on Sunday, November 25, at US Airways Center, will be filmed, along with Wednesday, November 28's show in Dallas, Texas, for an upcoming DVD set for release in 2013.

Rush is rock 'n' roll for contrarians.

Bassist/vocalist Geddy Lee cranked up the synths in the '80s, much to the chagrin of the band's fans who'd come to appreciate a them by heavy metal standards; guitarist Alex Lifeson is as much into atmosphere as riffs, incorporating jazz and reggae into his 6-string framework; and drummer Neil Peart, in addition to having a preposterously huge drum kit, dedicates as much time to crafting the band's sci-fi and fantasy inspired lyrics as he does beats.

Case in point: When Rush released its 20th studio album, Clockwork Angels, this year, an accompanying novelization by Peart and sci-fi author Kevin J. Anderson (various Star Wars novels, Dune prequels, Saga of the Seven Suns) was also released.

The Clockwork Angels tour finds Rush augmented by an 8-piece string section and an intricate steampunk stage set-up, which Rush naysayers will point out as the height of dweebery, and Rush fans will likely find awesome (and it'll be awesome).

Rush is scheduled to perform Sunday, November 25, at US Airways Center.

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