Ry Cooder's Anti-SB 1070 Song, Courtesy of NPR

Legendary slide guitarist Ry Cooder (he's played on records by everyone from Randy Newman to the Rolling Stones) has recorded an anti-SB 1070 song called "Quick Sand."

Cooder is one of those country(ish) guys the lefties love -- not only is that track available exclusively from NPR until tomorrow, when it goes on sale via iTunes, but Cooder's last high-profile project was for the Howard Zinn documentary The People Speak.

So, yeah, here's what he had to say about his song. It's one of the more interesting SB 1070 songs I've heard from a non-Arizona artist, a first-person narrated tale which finds a nice groove around 3:30 in and disses Yuma a few times:

"The Devil's Highway has been used by migrants traveling on foot for over 100 years," says Cooder. "You should try it sometime. Out there, temperatures can get above 130 degrees. If you fall down, you have religious hallucinations, then you die, cooking from the inside out. If you get lucky, you might make it to Yuma, but then what? That's no comfort station they run up there."

Hear the track here.

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