Local Wire

Ryan Cabrera

ash_cash: hey ry

ryanc: hey ash

ash_cash: i saw you on the carson daly show the other night

ryanc: really? did you like it? my band's got 40 kind of sadness sounding really good I think

ash_cash: your hair looked awesome! did you use the alterna sculpting putty i told you to get?

ryanc: i guess, my stylist does all that stuff

ryanc: the tour is going pretty good

ash_cash: i like how the blonde is growing out over your right ear, its hawt

ryanc: you know how they have those little concert previews in all the papers and stuff? everyone always has to mention how you and me used to date and how i sound like the goo goo dolls

ryanc: it's getting old

ash_cash: are you gonna trim the back a little?

ryanc: god ash, give it a rest ok?

ash_cash: awww sorry ry :( i miss you . . .

ryanc: you do?

ash_cash: well, i miss your hair

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Michael Alan Goldberg