Ryan Rousseau -- The Busiest Rock 'n' Roller in Phoenix?

Ryan Rousseau doesn't sleep. At least that's the only explanation I can come up with to describe his constant flurry of activity. The guitarist/vocalist has an extensive resume, having spent time in The Reatards, The Wongs, played solo as Yuma Territorial Prison Guard, and fronted Earthmen & Strangers and the most recent incarnation of Destruction Unit. And that's not even counting all the other asides he's been a part of.

Destruction Unit already released Sonoran earlier this year, but Rousseau is already preparing release of his solo debut, titled either Hello! Mr. Cactus Man or Glow, depending where you read, on Volar Records (no release date just yet).

A departure from the amplified noise of his bands, Rousseau's solo songs are quieter and more introspective, but no less dense and layered. Rousseau spoke with me about the new record, and revealed that he's recorded four complete albums since April, and started work on Gila Man, a "crunk" project.

Up on the Sun: Tell me about your new solo record, and what else you have been working on.

Ryan Rousseau: It's going to be released under my own name, like George Michael. It's more of a chill sound compared to my other projects. Very minimal. I have finished four albums since April. I am looking for various labels to release them right now. Volar Records is planning on doing one soon, hopefully.

Is "Sucking on the Gila" going to be on one of those solo records?

Not sure about that, yet. I might save that for my crunk album, Gila Man. I just wanted to make a video for the song really bad. It came out pretty cool i think. The other stuff online is what I will be doing live, with a full band.

Is "gila" some sort of slang I've never heard?

I like gila monsters and psychedelics. Psychedelic music, I mean.

The songs you've released are totally mellow. Any particular records inspire the shift toward more subdued music?

Yeah, it's more of a folk sound. Yeah, [records by] Deauter, Shagrat, and a few other psych folk albums. Kraftwerk's Radioactivity.

"Solid Gold"

"LSD Zombie Jesus"

"Kill My Brain"

Ryan Rousseau is scheduled to perform Saturday, August 27, at The Lost Leaf.

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