Sad News

This from Vil Vodka of Vodka Tonic Media and Hollywood Alley:

Yesterday around 4pm we lossed one of the most important people of the Hollywood Alley staff: Lucy Wincek...or as many of you know her as "Ross' mom".

Tom Reardon said it best Sunday night that many of us would had never performed on the Hollywood Alley stage or enjoyed the many qualities of the establishment if it wasn't for Lucy. It was her vision almost 20 years ago that made Hollywood Alley what it has been known for all these years and has become today. Through good times and bad times she kept Hollywood Alley an indepedent family run business. To this day her son runs the night time faction of the bar, her husband did all the maintenance and her mom runs the daytime kitchen. I think it's been years since she had last peaked in on the Hollywood Alley nightlife since she has worked 6am to throughout the day daily, but Ross often tells me the story of when she first saw a packed house at the Alley in the early 90s and how her eyes were filled with tears being so proud. I also know that she was the type of person who would do anything for her employees. I hear tales of her kindness on a daily basis.

I really don't know what else to say. Compared to the family and the extended family (everyone who worked there that knew her and loved her) I am pretty much a newcomer and barely qualified to make anytype of eulogized statement. I do, however, want to ask that you show the upmost respect for Wincek family and the staff members during this trying time. I know Ross' spirit will drive him to still be the workhorse that he always has been, but please be patient if you are waiting to hear back about a show or an pending event.

Also, please no rumors. As of right now Hollywood Alley will live forever and continue to exist in Lucy's memory.

A wake for Lucy will be held Saturday morning from 11am to 2pm at Hollwyood Alley.


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