Sadisco at Jugheads

If you like a little evil with your needles, look no further than this Saturday's Sadisco 54 party at Jugheads. Sadisco (www.sadistic-disco.com) is a monthly industrial/EBM/noise event where resident DJs Squalor, ///she///, 1975, and Aversion drop ear-eating bombs of wax -- this month's event bumps up the atmosphere with '70s nightmare decor and a mysterious appearance by Charles Manson and his Go-Go Strippers on Crack (we suppose he gets weekend furlough passes these days). Complementing the jackhammer vibe will be a display of artwork by Ellie Ellmore, Leesaw, and Heather Kozan.

If you're not familiar, EBM stands for electronic body music, a term coined for aggro dance outfits like Nitzer Ebb, Front 242, and Frontline Assembly. Hear tracks by artists like Mimetic, Needle Sharing, Converter, and Powder Pussy, while you reinvent the debauchery of NYC's Studio 54. Sadisco's last event was bombastic; even the cops showed up (with shotguns drawn), because of the presence of toy guns. So bring your toy flak jacket -- you never know what'll happen. Sadisco 54 starts at 7 p.m. Saturday, June 26, at Jugheads, 5110 East McDowell Road. Admission is $5, and the event is 21 and over until 1 a.m., 18 and over after 1 a.m.

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Brendan Joel Kelley