Sam L. Rainwater: Vacation Location

Title: Vacation Location

Basics: Did you know there was an Arizona Parrothead Club? Well, now you do. I am sure every state has one, and Arizona's is led by Sam L. Rainwater. At first glance at this album screams Parrothead, and the music sure as hell didn't disappoint. There's not much to say about Jimmy Buffet and his legion of followers that hasn't already been said. Only seven people in the history of mankind have been at the top of the New York Times' bestseller lists for both fiction and nonfiction works -- Jimmy Buffet is one of those people. I rest my case.

Best Song: The physical CD came with many pictures of Rainwater playing at different venues and such, but one picture was of his backyard, where he has a tiki bar. Therefore, "Tiki Bar In My Backyard" is Rainwater's best track, because its innocuous enough and because the guy actually has a damn tiki bar in his backyard. That is dedication I simply have not seen in my first few months of YAFI.

Worst Song: "Vacation Location" is pretty intolerable with its silly little "let's see how many words we can find that rhyme with 'location'" game, but "Sailine Solution" [sic] has to take the cake. The word "saline" is purposefully misspelled to act as a pun for both saline and sailing. That's a pretty big thing to overcome and, unfortunately, the song simply can't outdo its awful, pun-laden title. Yes, saline and sailing will help wash away the tears -- and look at that! They are homonyms! Way to go, buddy. 

Suggestions: While perusing Rainwater's website, I noticed that 100% of income he receives from CD sales, gig fees and tips goes directly to charity. He also has his own consulting company match whatever total he accrues, doubling the amount that charity receives. That is something beyond noble, so I can't sit here and nitpick a guy who records music because he loves it and donates all of his compensation to charity. Good on you, Sam L. Rainwater. You are a super decent human being. Jimmy Buffet would be proud. 

Grade: C

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