Sareena Dominguez Is Taking a Little "Me Time" Before Next Album

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For someone not even old enough to drink, Sareena Dominguez sure has accomplished a lot: After signing to the River Jones Music label less than a year and half ago, she's played South by Southwest, released an album (her debut, Moonbeams), and starred in a music video of the same name, directed by Laura Belle of Tobacco Films. But now, the Gilbert singer-songwriter is taking a step back and giving herself a little "me time."

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As eager as she is to move forward, indie/folk guitarist (think Courtney Marie Andrews or Michelle Blades, her labelmates at RJM) Dominguez says, "I haven't broken up with my old album yet . . . It's kinda weird, but that's how it feels."

"I want to nurture it as much as I can, instead of just putting it out and moving on to the next album really quick," Dominguez says. "As much as I want to do that, I just have to make sure that I feel like I've completed what I need to complete with Moonbeams."

In the meantime, Dominguez is playing shows here and there while planning for a tour with River Jones' newest label additions Technicolor Hearts, Bike Thief, Dry River Yacht Club, Sophia Duccini, and Alameda. During the week, she can be found working at a daycare center watching over screaming babies or attending community college to become a teacher. But what she'd like to do most of all is film a few more music videos.

Using Indiegogo, Dominguez raised a little over a grand to film her next videos, which she says she will start filming in a few months, after all the "perks" are mailed out. "My goal was kinda crazy," Dominguez laughs. "But that was a thing where me and River were like, 'Meh, let's just do it. Let's just do $3,000 in five weeks.' It didn't really turn out, but honestly I didn't even expect to make as much money as I made . . . It was kind of a pain in the butt asking people. But it was worth it, and I'm totally ready to make a music video or two."

As for writing new music, Dominguez is taking her time, hoping to refresh herself after touring. But first, she wants to take vocal lessons and music theory classes, explaining that she think it's better to "fine-tune myself before I jump into anything else."

"When I'm done with Moonbeams, I'll just 'Bon Iver it' and go in a room, become a musical hermit for a month or two, and just write a bunch of stuff," Dominguez muses. "I think that sounds amazing so that's kinda what I want to do."

That isn't to say that Dominguez hasn't been writing at all -- she'll even pull out a new song or two during her live sets, knowing her fans are familiar with Moonbeams. But in her words, "They're more like demos than actual full songs." For now, anyway.

Dominguez also adds that she's been pulling away from the coffee shop and dive bar scene. Her reasoning comes from a desire to play bigger venues, including festivals.

"I found that doing coffee shops and bars after a while kinda sucks," Dominguez says. "It's fun for every now and then, but just doing a shit-ton of coffee places and bars, you kind of lose confidence because a lot of people aren't there to listen to you. You kind of feeling like you're playing music to yourself. I've decided to kinda take a break, but not like I won't play them ever . . . [but] I definitely want to do bigger and better things with myself."

Her focus for bigger and better may take time, but if the past year has been any indication, it'll be worth the wait.

"Just stick with me," Dominguez adds, referring to her fans. "I hope people are patient as I'm trying to be. I'm not a patient person at all."

Sareena Dominguez is scheduled to take part in New Times' Carnaval Eléctrico at Crescent Ballroom on Friday, March 8.

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