Sareena Dominguez, Sir Sly, and DJ Seduce Added to New Times' Carnaval Eléctrico

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New Times' Carnaval Eléctrico at Crescent Ballroom has locked in its lineup: DJ Seduce, Sir Sly, and singer/songwriter Sareena Dominguez will join national headliners Cold War Kids, Hanni El Khatib, In the Valley Below, and locals Mergence, Wooden Indian, Diners, and Stan Devereaux & The Funky Suns on Friday, March 8.

Dominguez's heartfelt images come to life in her music videos, as the doe-eyed singer sits on a moon in front of a staged production in the "Moonbeams" music video. The frolicking ballerinas and longing Dominguez's doe-eyed delivery sells the song, and indicates that she's got a big year ahead of her. We caught up with her to talk about her Indiegogo campaign.

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Up on the Sun: What songs are you planning on making music videos for?

Sareena Dominguez: The three tracks that I plan on making Music Videos for are called "Unwoven," "Fourteen," and "Through it all."

Why look to Indiegogo?

Indiegogo is awesome because it gives you the opportunity to reach out to so many helping hands! The page layout for the campaign is great because you can make a video that gives donors a closer insight into why you're raising money. [Unlike Kickstarter] they also let you keep the profits made from the fundraiser even if you don't reach your goal.

How's the campaign going so far?

You know what, it's going a lot better then I expected! I get the tingles just thinking about it! It's like, people are actually giving me their money because they genuinely care about my hopes and dreams. It doesn't get any better then that. Everything that I do throughout my music career will be for those people who have helped me because they continue to believe in me.

How did you find the artists you'll be collaborating with?

I've been best friends Angelica Rivera of Through The Looking Lens Photography for years and years now. She's always helped me out with little music videos and other random things here and there. I couldn't be more appreciative of her talent! She filmed my Indiegogo campaign video and plans to shoot a video for my song "Unwoven."

Chris Heck, who is a director with a company called Theater 13, was a fan of my music and I immediately became a fan of his work in return. He has a beautiful eye for filming wonderful shots that really speak to me. He's extremely creative and I was lucky enough to become friends with him within the local Phoenix arts scene. He will be filming for my song "Through It All."

Cory Davis, who I came into contact with through a numerous amount of friends who recommended him, is someone that I'm very excited to work with [as well]. I first saw his work with Steff Koeppen and the Articles (another band on River Jones Music) and knew instantly that I had to have a video done with him as well. He has a very unique style unlike any other local cinematographer that I've come across! Cory will be filming for my song "Fourteen."

I'm also trying to raise a bit of extra cash to film a live studio recording at a place near my home called Studio at the Farm.

What happens if you fall short of your goal?

Then I keep on keepin' on! The great thing about fundraising is that there are so many ways to do it. I've already been planning to do a fundraiser show. Even if I don't reach my goal I'm still super happy that fans, family, and friends have taken the time to support my music.

In the Indieagogo video, you said you fell in love with music videos after making the "Moonbeams" video, which is absolutely gorgeous. Tell us a little bit about the video. How much of it was your concept, and what did the filmmakers bring to the table, and what about the experience makes you want to make three more videos?

Thank you! Almost all of the video was created from the mind of Laura Belle of Tobacco Films. She is an amazingly beautiful person who gave me the best first time experience with making a music video. There were so many people from the cast, from the film makers, and the set designers. I was overwhelmed by the support I felt because everyone was just throwing their own creativity into one big melting pot to make this glorious video! She gave me a really good handle on what my music is capable of bringing to life. There is absolutely nothing more magical to me then the marriage of music and film, which is why I so desperately want to work with different minds who will bring these songs to another level.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Phoenix.