Sasquatch! 2012 Wrap-Up: Trivia for the Casual Observer

By Chris Kornelis

Sasquatch! went down this past weekend in George, Washington, and our good friends at Seattle Weekly's Reverb blog were on hand to take it all in. Test your knowledge of the 2012 edition of the festival in this multiple-choice trivia test. For clues, check out Seattle Weekly's coverage of the happenings on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

1. At which stage was this pregnancy test (below) found? A. Bigfoot Stage

B. Sasquatch Stage

C. Maine Stage

D. Yetti Stage

E. Banana Shack

2. The test was found next to: A. A wastebasket

B. An empty Big Mac box

C. A copy of Bon Iver's For Emma, Forever Ago

D. A boot

E. Several condoms

3. Which band/artist joined Beck at the end of his festival-closing set, Monday night? A. Feist

B. Mogwai

C. John C. Reilly

D. Deer Tick

E. Tenacious D

4. Which creature was seen attached to sticks and held above the crowd during the course of the four-day festival? A. Unicorn

B. Gumby

C. Sheep

D. Waldo

E. All of the Above

5. Does this Sasquatch! attendee have a tramp stamp? A. A what?

B. Huh?

C. Where?

D. No.

E. Yes.

6. Which dignitary enjoyed breakfast at Ellensburg's Palace Café during Sasquatch! weekend? A. Gov. Christine Gregoire

B. Shawn Kemp

C. Sen. Maria Cantwell

D. All of the Above

E. Former U.S. Sen. Slade Gorton

7. Does this guy have a tramp stamp? A. Yes.

B. Totally

C. Who you callin' "guy"?

D. No.

E. Close enough.

8. Ellensburg's Flying J serves what kind of cheese on top of their bacon omelets? A. Wiz.

B. Cheddar

C. American

D. Grated

E. Nacho

9. Does this woman have a tramp stamp? A. Probably.

B. Yes.

C. Let's hope so.

D. I hope so.

E. Bingo!

10. Portlandia's Carrie Brownstein told her Sasquatch! audience: "Do you see how easy it is to write our show?" because two attendees she'd pulled on stage did what? A. Gave her a script

B. Professed their love of the '90s

C. Put a bird on her

D. Brought their bicycles

E. Were each wearing animal costumes, but didn't come to the festival together

11. Does this woman have a tramp stamp? A. Probably

B. Uh, huh.

C. Yep.

D. Hell, yeah.

E. Shit, yeah.

Answers (with photographic proof) below.


You probably guessed by now that the answer to all of the questions was E. Here are the tramp stamps and nacho cheese to prove it!






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