Save the Trunk Space! This Weekend

It would majorly suck to lose another downtown Phoenix music venue, and The Trunk Space is one of the latest struggling to stay alive. It's been a rough 3 to 4 months for Trunk Space.

"The economy finally hit our low rung, and even though things are looking up, we really need some help so that we can put our 2009 debt to rest. We're charging a $5 cover, which will all go towards our debt," owner JRC told the Arizona Republic.

The small indie music venue, which has consistently brought groundbreaking musical and theater acts from around the country into its space, needs to raise funds. How to get them? Why, a rockin' music concert, of course.

And lucky for Valley music fans, the show this Saturday, December 26, features eight local bands/performance artists, four of whom are reuniting for this show only. Obviously, The Trunk Space is kind of a big deal to local performers.

The show also serves as a fundraiser for the Tumbleweed Center for homeless teens. Patrons are asked to donate clothing and backpacks for the center.

The show for good causes includes performers Djentrification, The Cullens, and The Shaving Party. Tickets are only $5, and the concert starts at 6 p.m. 

We're most excited that Uncle Sku's Clubhouse will be on the bill. This twisted kids' show for adults is a deranged form of Mister Rogers-y magic. Check them out here:

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