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Say Hi, & Jukebox the Ghost

Philly three-piece Jukebox the Ghost's wry whimsical alarm is just the balm to soothe a decade of complaint rock and loudcore ache. Whether surviving imminent manmade apocalypse or entertaining the devil while God explains "how all the shit's going to be when I blow your little planet into smithereens," the quirky lighthearted, literate lyricism of their April debut, Let Live and Let Ghosts, suggests They Might Be Giants and Ben Folds Five. Classically trained pianist Ben Thornewill keys the dynamism of these catchy, theatrical numbers, which bridge the distance between baroque and indie pop. Thornewill's adenoidal vocals tumble in torrents like the tin roof tympani of a thunderstorm, coursing with a fey cabaret bounce. Headliners Say Hi To Your Mom (recently shortened to simply Say Hi) offer moody, watercolor synth pop over popcorn beats. Shimmering keyboard washes shade a gray horizon line, while leader Eric Elbogen's somnambulant vocals hang in the air like stale cigarette smoke. The graceful gait and Elbogen's arch delivery conjure Belle & Sebastian with a Gary Numan fetish. They're supporting their somewhat dreamy, understated fifth album, The Wishes and the Glitch.
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