Scott MacIntyre Does an Awesome Chair Dance, Makes 'Idol's' Top 12

There was never really too much doubt that Scottsdale's Scott MacIntyre would make the Idol Top 12, but last night "America" (as Seadouche condescendingly refers to the tiny percentage of the American population that actually watches the show) made it official. Scotty the Body (as Seadouche condescendingly refers to Scott) has one of the coveted 12 spots, so the Valley has its first 'Idol' hopeful to root for since David Hernandez and his inconvenient banana hammock wearing past and Brooke White and her forgetting of words and crying every time someone looked at her funny. One of the best byproducts of Scott's presence on the show is how it forces the producers to get creative. During last night's group sing, where normally everybody would be doing some lame choreography to accompany their off-key singing, the guys instead did chair choreography(!) because it clearly wouldn't be the best idea to have Scott doing jazz hands while walking around the stage. Unless his hot brother was helping him bust some moves. But this all begs the question: What will group sings be like while Scott remains in th Top 12? Will each contestant take turns giving him piggy back rides while they all sing Rhianna's "Umbrella?" Will they put Scott in a harness and send him flying out over the audience as everybody joins him on Gavin DeGraw's "I Don't Wanna Be"? Only time will tell. And time had better tell us something awesome.

So in addition to Scott getting through (and his adorable sister getting so super excited about it she looked like she was going to wet herself), we also get treated to more Jorge Nunez, who busted out some crazy Spanish for about 30 seconds, which left me scrambling to call my friend who speaks Spanish to translate and which reminded me that I need to sign up for that Spanish class I keep meaning to take. We also get more Lil Rounds (obvs), and her not-so-lil booty. I'm pretty happy with last night's results, actually. I think the best three people went through (though I wouldn't have been sad if Felicia Barton or Ju'Not Joyner would have snuck in).

We also got to see the eight contestants who the judges are bringing back for tonight's Wild Card round (although, let's be honest, we all already know who they're going to pick): Von Smith and his Ed Grimley hairdo; Megan "the 80s called, it wants its blond crimped hair back" Corkery; Jasmine "Take Me to Your Leader" Murray; Ricky Braddy and his weird pleather jacket and his precious illusioins that he might actually get a spot in the Top 12; Crazy-ass Tatiana del Toro, who thankfully turned up the drama and cheese by crying, falling to her knees and thanking everyone from God to the craft services guy; Matt Giraud, who as my viewing friend Jenifer pointed out, was wearing a chef's coat; Jessie "I'ma Single Mom!" Langseth; and, of course, everyone's favorite Indian Dawg, Anoop Desai. You heard it here (and maybe some other places, too) first: Anoop, Megan, Matt.

And then next week--Scott behind a piano! Yay!

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Phoenix.