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Scott Storch's Mom Trashes Her Cokehead Son in Print

Our sister papers in south Florida ran a fantastic piece on brilliant-turned-bloody-nosed-cokehead producer Scott Storch last week. In case you haven't already seen it, there's a lot to love about this hard-hitting profile, including some real gems from Scott's mom, who bemoans the fact that her son never took care of her comparatively inconsequential financial woes before blowing his fortune.

"Scott always told me he had plans to do certain things for the family," she says. "But then I guess things got bad before he got around to it," she says. "I read about all these other rappers' mothers -- P. Diddy's mother, Kanye West's mother, Jay-Z's mother. Their sons all took care of them."
Ouch. Spoiler alert: It gets worse at the end of the story.

Editor's note: New Times reporter Gus Garcia-Roberts flew to Los Angeles to interview Scott Storch, but the meeting was cancelled when this publication refused to excise references to his mother.

The night of the thwarted interview, Yolanda Storch says, Scott called her in a rage. He accused her of trying to revive her cobwebbed singing prospects. "I told you never to talk to the press," he seethed. "You're going to ruin my career, and you're thinking only about furthering your own."

"You've made me sick to my stomach," she kvetched. "I won't be able to eat my dinner."

Scott shot back, "I won't be able to eat my dinner until the article comes out."

I have to say that while I've always respected Storch's work -- the man wrote "Cry Me A River" -- what we read here is pretty despicable. Taking care of your momma is Hip Hop Rule #1.

Full story here.

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