Scott Weiland Flips Out in Houston -- Went on a Bender After Fall Frenzy Show?

Stone Temple Pilots

have postponed their fall tour after singer Scott Weiland apparently went batshit crazy at a show in Texas over the weekend, according to


. A dozen dates have been axed but the band is planning to reschedule them.

To all the people who criticized me for bagging on this junkie just last week it's time to remind you that I told you... something.

I forget what it was. What did I tell you again? It was something important...

Oh, right, "so."

I told you so.

Soooooooo, again, there ya have it, folks, Weiland is still  dangerously unstable -- shocker! -- and we're apparently lucky to have gotten such an amazing show at Tempe Beach Park.

Either that or Weiland was able to snooker New Times reviewer Benjamin Leatherman, who personally assured me that it was a great show and that Weiland seemed really on top of things. Leatherman's review -- where he says Weiland "pour[ed] his heart and soul" into the performance -- is here.

A few days later, 12 tour dates have been scrapped cuz he went nutso.

Craig Hlavaty, the clubs editor at our sister paper in Houston, noticed something amiss at the STP show there Sunday and documents a mini-meltdown, with the band taking stage way late and Weiland seeming a little off, an incident which preceded the band's little hiatus.

Here's video of Weiland's rant.

Also, we wish him a speedy recovery and all the best going forward with his career.

STP's die-hard fans, though, have got to stop making excuses for him and attacking his detractors. This man needs help, not your undying love and support.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Phoenix.