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Scott Weiland @ Talking Stick Resort

If you want to know what former Stone Temple Pilots and Velvet Revolver frontman Scott Weiland is up to these days, don't bother visiting his website. It's almost three years out of date, the music is spotty, and the images go in and out. Serious rehabilitation work is needed. Hmmm . . . sounds a lot like Weiland himself, who's experienced a fair share of difficulties during a 25-plus-year career. Rising to melodic hard rock (don't call it grunge) fame with Stone Temple Pilots' bevy of radio-friendly hits, Weiland's well-chronicled substance abuse mishaps and changing styles eventually stymied the band. It's hard to make good music bouncing back and forth to rehab or jail (though one can meet future bandmates). Weiland made a poorly received solo album, and STP officially disbanded in 2001, citing his erratic behavior. So what's a problem rocker and struggling addict to do? Join forces with cohorts Slash, Duff McKagan, and Matt Sorum to form Velvet Revolver, which carried him briefly back up the music charts. Though both bands have reunited with Weiland for tours or one-off events, it's believed he's currently fronting The Wildabouts on the "Purple at the Core" tour, playing a selection of his hits — and, inevitably, some misses.

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Glenn BurnSilver
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