Scottsdale's Crown Room Closes, But is Set to Open Under New Name

It looks like Scottsdale's Crown Room has been dethroned, at least for the time being.

The hot spot, popular among industry types and Old Town bar hoppers, officially closed its doors three weeks ago, says Kris Chupp, the bar's resident Monday disc jockey, otherwise known as DJ Steel.

"The owner is a good dude, but he just hasn't been putting money into it like other the bars around it," Chupp says.

Crown Room went out silently, but they're working on the whole "money" thing.

The bar is undergoing a $800,000 makeover, with over $75,000 being put in to sound equipment alone, Chupp says. Monday nights will now be the focus, with Chupp as the opener and famous DJs coming in to spin each week. No word yet about who is on the "famous DJ" lineup.

New Times attempted to get in touch with owner Chad Landau to no avail. Chupp says he's not sure what the spot's new name will be, but we'll be sure to keep tabs on all Crown Room happenings as they progress.

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Christina Caldwell