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Sean Kingston

Forget that Sean Kingston is about as reggae-sounding as the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. Forget that he uses Auto-Tune more than Kanye West singing the collected works of Freddie Mercury. The important thing to remember is that, well, he's lovable. He's a round mound of raw teenage heartbreak that brings out the sympathetic grandmother in all of us. Granted, the 19-year-old crooner strikes a slightly more steely pose in Tomorrow — the follow-up LP to his self-titled debut album — than he did two years ago when "Beautiful Girls" carried his romantically thwarted ass all the way to the top of the singles charts. On "Face Drop," the album's second single, we find Oprah-esque self-respect where the old insecurity used to be: "Sayin' that I'd look better if I was thinner / Don't you know you should have loved me for my inner." On other tracks, we find the cherubic Floridian going toe-to-toe for his beloved ("War") and gettin' his dance-floor freak on ("Fire Burning"). Sigh. Hip-hop man-child superstars. They grow up so fast these days.
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Craig Outhier