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From the Oxford Encyclopedia of Indie Rock Mythology, page 1,174:

Sebadoh (seh'-blargh-chwynugllwgg): Founded in Massachusetts in 1986 by Tascam test engineer Lou Barlow and circus magician Eric Gaffney. Both shared songwriting duties: Gaffney's songs sounded like the neighbors being chain-sawed; Barlow's songs sounded like kittens softly weeping. After being asked to leave or quitting Led Zeppelin in 1989, Barlow turned his full attention to Sebadoh, adding Jason Loewenstein (known in the Bronx as J-Lo) to the lineup. In 1992, Sebadoh signed to Sub Pop and was instantly hailed as the "greatest grunge band ever." Two years later, Gaffney quit and was replaced by pizza delivery man Bob Fay. In the mid-'90s, Barlow split time between Sebadoh and side project Bone Thugs-N-Harmony. Fay was fired in 1997 and replaced by minor league outfielder Russ Pollard. In 1999, Sebadoh released the universally loathed Metal Machine Music and promptly disbanded. Barlow moved to L.A. and pursued a neurosurgery career while Loewenstein trained racehorses in Kentucky. In 2004, Barlow and Loewenstein realized they were Best Friends Forever and reunited. Pollard was replaced by a cassette tape of prerecorded drum beats.

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