What's it like to be a DJ in Old Town Scottsdale?EXPAND
What's it like to be a DJ in Old Town Scottsdale?
Francis Lazaro

See Old Town Through the Eyes of a DJ

Old Town Scottsdale’s infamous nightlife landscape attracts residents and tourists from all corners of the country like an ultraviolet light attracts hungry insects in the night.

Scottsdale reportedly attracted 9.1 million visitors in 2013. Within the cluster of resorts, luxury boutiques, and modern restaurants lives the city’s infamous nightlife mecca — Old Town.

Old Town’s reputation is wild. Alcohol, glamour, music, and bottle service coexist with drugs, debauchery, one-night stands, DUIs, and bar fights.

There are cogs intricately placed to make the vodka-fueled, short-skirted, laser light-blasting machine of Old Town work. They are the DJs, bartenders, promoters, party girls, bros in blazers, cops, rickshaw drivers, cabbies, and food service workers who make everything that is a night out in Old Town Scottsdale come together.

We decided to explore how a night in Old Town actually gets put together, through the eyes of all the people that make it happen.

In this first video, you’ll meet local DJ/Producer Knick Knack and international DJ/producer Ferry Corsten and find out what Scottsdale looks like, from the inside and out through the eyes of the guy in the booth.

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