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Senses Fail

Now with their hot-selling Let It Enfold You, the avenging emo-nerds of Senses Fail are gonna put all you mean girls in your place. When they're empowered, like on "Cute When You Scream," they might "take you to the top of this building and just push you off/Run down the stairs so I can see/Your face as you hit the street." In a gentler time, we would've called Senses Fail misogynists, but since this is emo, we know that the girl is in no danger whatsoever. How's an emo-nerd gonna position her on a rooftop when he can't even get her on the telephone? There are likely hundreds of bands that sound like this from New Jersey alone, but damn it if the guitars don't always crunch going down, making Senses come off sounding as passionate about their deteriorating love lives as Gang of Four was about socialism.
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Serene Dominic
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