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In this week's issue of Phoenix New Times, writer and musician Serene Dominic details the reality TV-style site, which features bands recording tracks in realtime. Here, he dives into the studio, and journals the process for Up on the Sun.

I will admit to being somewhat skeptical about submitting myself to's method of recording a satisfactory track in three hours, all the while being videotaped and streamed on the Internet. I didn't have any qualms about the studio (I'd recorded at Chaton once before) or OttoD'Agnolo's abilities as a producer/engineer (I know him and I share the same sort of pop sensibilities).

See also: Remakes the Music Biz Being naturally self-involved, I was worried about me. Like a guy who has worked out of his home for so long, reintegrating me in a professional recording environment could prove troublesome. "Doesn't work well with others" is the phrase that most readily comes to mind.

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Serene Dominic
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