Seven Suggested Songs For the Morning Commute

​The morning commute can be a drag. A lack of sleep, caffeine or motivation can take its toll on a person. Luckily, there's music to at least help make the trip to work/school more bearable.

Up on the Sun threw together a list of songs to kick off the day to a good start--whether it's by getting pumped or mellowing out.

7.) "Horny in the Morning"-- Pansy Division

This song is so energetic, so ridiculous that only the well-caffeinated pop punk lover can truly appreciate "Horny in the Morning" bright and early (whether there's truth to it or not).

6.) "Chasing Pavements" -- Adele

Adele's breakout single is great to listen to on the ride to work. Flashing images of people and landscapes passing the window with Adele's soulful voice, eloquently rising and falling, is a good way to ease you out of your morning slumber and into the new day.

5.) "Traveling Song"-- Bright Eyes

A more upbeat tune from Conor Oberst & co., this song is sure to get your foot tapping along to the melody while sandwiched between other passengers on the Light Rail.

4.) "Good Morning"-- Kanye West

Say what you will about Mr. West and his antics; this is a dope song regardless of the time of day. This especially works for the college kid dreading the long day of classes ahead.

3.) "Morning Glory"-- Oasis

If you indeed need "a little time to wake up/need a little time to rest your mind," we suggest playing this goodie from the Brit rockers.

2.) "Such Great Heights"-- Iron & Wine

For those who wish to remain in a quiet, dreamlike state for as long as possible before clocking in on the job, Iron & Wine is a sure thing. Just try not to drift back to sleep and miss your stop.

1.) "Wake Up Everybody"-- John Legend & The Roots (featuring Common and Melanie Fiona)

This song is perfect to start the day to -- especially if you find yourself in need of a motivational boost. If the lyrics don't stir an inner desire to better the world, the song will at least provide a smooth ride.

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Kholood Eid
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