The Casket Life boys

Shit's About to Get Exciting

The weekend's almost here, and this particular Friday and Saturday there are a buttload of dope shows happening that you ought to be at. First, you're a damn fool if you miss the

Casket Life


Liar's Handshake


Mike Skullbuster


the Revenge

, and some NOFX cover band show at the Yucca Tap Room tonight. The show's free, and it's Casket Life's Ben Barnes birthday party, so it ought to be out of control.

It's also the kiss-off show before Casket Life hits up Motor Studios in San Francisco (owned by Fat Wreck Chords/NOFX emperor Fat Mike and now-local famed pop-punk producer Ryan Greene), "to record the most mediocre record that has ever emerged from this valley," according to the band. I spent some serious drinking time with the C.L. dudes on St. Patrick's Day, catching them twice live, and it's definitely one of the most exciting punk rock shows you can find around here.

Plus, the Liar's Handshake is always a good time - if you didn't catch my column this week on their St. Patrick's Day shenanigans, you can find it here. Just ignore the photograph, I didn't sign off on that shit.

Meanwhile, Saturday night you've got either Army of Robots and the Loveblisters at Last Exit, or the downtown Tempe neighborhood art party they're calling Too Doo. Since it's a house-art-party I'm not gonna give away more details on the locale, though you can probably find a flyer at Casey Moore's; the art shows are always a blast though, with live music, booze, and all the neighborhood (read: not students) freaks from Tempe.

In the meantime, while you wrap up your work week, here's a Casket Life song to get you in the mood...

"Shit's About to Get Romantic": http://media.newtimes.com/id/753832/

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