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Shizzfest 2011 Schedule Out: Local Bands AND a Tetris Tournament

The Shizz has announced the lineup for this year's Shizzfest.

The two-day festival is spread over three venues and features sets by the usual suspects (Minibosses, Father's Day, Peachcake, etc.) from the Phoenix website as well as a few touring acts, a Nintendo Tetris tournament and an art show.

Full set times below. A two-day pass is $10, and can be purchased at the venues on either day of the show.

Oh, and get some Tetris hints here.

Friday, April 15
The Trunk Space, 1506 NW Grand Avenue
Music starts at 8 p.m.

8:00 - The Coitus
8:30 - The Doyenne
9:00 - Prizmatic Spray
9:30 - Former Friends of Young Americans
10:00 - Wizwars
10:30 - Haunted Cologne
11:00 - Peachcake
11:30 - Einhorn

Saturday, April 16

The Firehouse, 1015 N. 1st Street and The Dressing Room, 220 E. Roosevelt.
Music starts at 6:30 p.m.

6:30 - Quarter Circle Jab
7:00 - Female Trouble
7:30 - Platypus Egg
8:00 - Nowhere Man and a Whiskey Girl
8:30 - The Bovine Fury
9:00 - Sweetbleeders
9:30 - I Hate You When You're Pregnant
10:00 - Vin Fiz
10:30 - Father's Day
11:00 - Minibosses

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