Shotfest 2 Featuring The Minibosses at Yucca Tap Room

By Jonathan McNamara

Better than: Playing NES, but just barely.

Want to hear Shotfest 2 for yourself? Click to listen to a

Minibosses podcast

direct from Yucca Tap room.

Check out some pics from the event in our slide show: Shotfest 2 Featuring The Minibosses at Yucca Tap Room

Long have the benefits of alcohol-assisted gaming been known. There's nothing better than getting the lightning item, using it and screaming "everybody drink," whilst playing Mario Kart, for example...or is there? On Sunday, April 13 2008, Phoenix's own Minibosses decided to answer that question during Shotfest 2 at Yucca Tap Room.

The rules were simple. One shot. One song. Seeing as The Minibosses did what they did best (bringing you rocked-out versions of the 8-bit Nintendo music your subconscious can't let go of) for a few hours, it's safe to say they upped the ante and alcohol-fueled, game-related fun.

Vine Land kicked Shotfest 2 off with bass-heavy, grunge tracks reminiscent of Kim Gordon at her best when bassist Leslie took over the mic. A few shots into their set, Leslie faced the crowd, and laughing the whole time said, "This is where I start talking about my mommy issues and how I go through men like fucking underwear."

Next up to play was Vinfiz. The band played hard and fast sticking to instruments only for several of their numbers. Inbetween songs (and shots) they would "sell" T-shirts by spray painting their logo directly on audience members' clothing.

"Daddy needs his medicine," was what The Necronauts told Derrick the Matre'd between songs. Playing a lot of short songs meant they were pretty worse for wear halfway into the set.

As the Minibosses came on stage, the crowd immediately began yelling "Ninja Gaiden," "Mega Man" and other video game titles toward the stage. The bosses hit the ground running (after a shot) and played like they had infinite continues. As their chords reverberated down Southern Ave., they seemed to be sending out a message that at least for this shot-filled night, 8-bit music rules.

Personal Bias: The crowd screamed for The Minibosses to play Ninja Gaiden before they even started their set. Personally, I think The Minibosses sound best when they're rockin' music from Castlevania.

Random Detail: In honor of The Minibosses' drummer Matt's mother who passed away recently, the band asked the crowd to order lemon drop shots and shoot them in her honor.

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