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lymbyc%20june.jpg It's something of a rarity when homeboy brothers Mike and Jared Bell are both in town to play as the Lymbyc Systym ever since Mike relocated with his girlfriend to Austin, so I highly recommend that you hightail it to Modified this evening to scope them out with Colorstore and Back Ted N-ted. If you haven't heard Lymbyc Systym's latest record, Love Your Abuser, you can hear a couple of tracks here and here.

But if that's not your steez and you prefer a little country music, Chip Hanna, who you'll read about in this week's issue of the New Times in my column Revolver, is holding down happy hour at Last Exit from 6 till 8:30 this evening. And I also wanted to alert you to a "secret" show on Friday, which is 4/20, whatever that means (wink), by the sassy-britches in Peachcake. Peachcake's also requesting your assistance in making the show go off - after the jump, I've reprinted their requests.

If in your attedance you could donate/bestow any of the following items to the show, it would be immensely's the list:

-Any kind of stuffed animals of any size/shape/origin/style, whatever. We plan to fill the whole room up with them.

-Dress up and attend in a costume, and be a dancer on stage with us! We want EVERYONE to attend wearing any type of costume, from something you made or created yourself, to the most generic store-bought character, it doesn't matter, let loose, asnd let's have a ball!

-Candy! Any kind, (except gummy or chocolate), any amount, bags, single pieces, whatever...we have plans in store for this.

-Yourself and Friends! We will need 5-10 people who are in costume to also dance with us on stage, if you're interested, please E-mail us @:


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