Show Picks for Tonight

There's a shitload going down tonight at joints around the Valley, including the AZPunk compilation release party at the Sets. If you're not making it down to that, here's a couple of other options to sate your thirst for the live music thing.

Heather Rae and Shannon of the Moonshine Boys
Heather Rae and the Moonshine Boys

, the formerly local honky-tonk heroes who ditched the 'Nix and went all Austin on us, are stopping through town on a little tour. They'll be at the Yucca tonight with

Plowed Under

and the Rockridge Johnsons. Stop in and buy Shannon and Heather Rae a couple shots of shine, they'll appreciate it. Meanwhile here's a song for you.

"Pussy's in the Doghouse":

The Dames

Also this evening, at Joe's Grotto on 32nd St. and Thunderbird,

the Dames

are playing a birthday show for bassist Kyle Butcher and guitarist Ceizy. Also on the bill:

Pinky Tuscadero's White Knuckle Ass Fuck

, Know Plan B, and


. For your listening pleasure, a Dames song...

"Take a Number":


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