Simon Cowell Leaving 'American Idol'

Our music editor Martin Cizmar seems to think an American version of X Factor would be sort of pointless, but not if Simon Cowell has anything to do with it. The notoriously cranky American Idol judge wants to make the similarly performance-based X Factor a hit here in America, according to a report by British tabloid The Sun.

And since Cowell seems to be bored of trading barbs with Ryan Seacrest and digging on Randy Jackson, he's also supposedly leaving American Idol. Cue Daughtry's "Home".

Cowell's contract with the show ends after this season, and with the absence of original judge Paula Abdul, it's a wonder if the show will even survive.

Pair that with Cowell's ambition to bring X Factor stateside, and American Idol may have just found a replacement.

Blame the news, which comes before an official statement from Cowell, on his brother, Tony. The other Cowell hosts a podcast called The Cowell Factor (hehe) and spilled the beans that Simon's looking to bring X Factor to the U.S. as early as 2011. The podcast has since been removed--looks like Tony's going to be getting a dead arm, or at least some snarky remarks, from Simon.


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