Six Misleading Band Names

​Growing up you were always told not to judge a book by its cover, but judging a band by its name? That's pretty easy. 

The Black Keys? They're blues rock, of course. Spice Girls? The poppiest pop imaginable. Nickelback? Yeah, I suppose that combination of flavors would taste a lot like shit. See? These are appropriate band names.  

Then there are those bands you simply never listen to because their name turns you off. Then, your stereotyping ass finds out that they don't sound anything like what the name suggests. Whether it's for the sake of irony or just out of plain ignorance, here are some of the most deceptive names in music. 


They're just two bros having a good time, making good 'ole indie rock. Oh, you were expecting some ladies? They were just trollin'. Dude DJ Girl Talk could be placed in the same gender-bending category. 

Butthole Surfers
I long avoided this band based on their immature name, but they actually make thoughtful blend of punk and psychedelic rock. It's really a shame that their name had to leap off the pages of a Beavis and Butthead script. 

Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. 

If you want to follow in the footsteps of a NASCAR racing family, yoooou might just be a redneck. (Sorry.) Except, this indie pop duo from Detroit is anything but. Chock it up to hipsters loving irony, I reckon. 

My Bloody Valentine

I'll bet you thought these guys were all about the emo, huh? False. You're probably getting them confused with Bullet for My Valentine. Actually, My Bloody Valentine is pack of alt-rock veterans from Dublin. See here: 

Eagles of Death Metal 

Obviously they're not eagles. We're not suggesting they are. But "Death Metal?" Uh, I mean, in comparison to the band The Eagles you could say they sound harder, but we're going to categorize this one as straight up rock n' roll. 

Band of Skulls

It seems like most metal bands choose from a word bank when they're tossing around ideas for names. In the bank: fire, wrath, demon, devil, sucker, destroy, or pretty much any dark word you can come up with. Stick a preposition in the middle of two of those words and you have yourself a badass moniker. Band of Skulls has all of the makings of a metal band, except they're not metal at all. In comparison, they're actually pretty mellow. 

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Christina Caldwell