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Six Organs of Admittance

Comets on Fire guitarist Ben Chasny's Six Organs of Admittance solo project has never been breezy or light; it's more of a forum to explore experimental, psychedelic textures. Even still, his second Drag City album, The Sun Awakens, manages to take his trademark Robbie Basho-inspired acoustic plucks and manic free percussion into more distinctly ominous territory, emerging as a black folk rubbed clean of any flower-power idealism. Tracks like the brooding "Desert Is a Circle" echo the work of Italian spaghetti Western soundtrack king Ennio Morricone if he had communed with an early 1970s David Crosby, while prickly guitar feedback drenches the nervous gallop of "Black Wall." But the obvious focal point here is "River of Transfiguration," a monstrously long jam aided by Om bassist Al Cisneros that traces metallic drones and wind chimes across spare percussion and demonic chants. The track ends up in a heart of darkness only hinted at on the album's brief first side.
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Michael Crumsho