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Slim Cessna's Auto Club @ Rhythm Room

Ever tried online dating? I have, and though it can be a remarkably rewarding endeavor, there's a lot of chaff to sift through. Ultimately, any online peruser ends up developing an eye for profile red flags: girls who do that gross duck face, dudes who take pictures of themselves with their shirts off, anyone who uses textspeak in written content. For me, anyone who lists her musical interests as "anything but rap or country" gets an instant and swift dismissal. Not only does an attitude like that reveal a musical incuriosity and an unwillingness to look beyond stereotypes, it also means that that person would deny themselves the benefit of coming across eccentric acts who technically fall under those broad umbrella labels — acts like the Denver-based Slim Cessna's Auto Club. Thundering, rollicking, sometimes jaunty, the six-piece slings country that is both Goth and gothic, drawing on religious iconography to develop a apocalyptic lyricism laid over West Texas twang and guitar soundscapes written for the end times. (Like 16 Horsepower? This band'll tickle that fancy.) Slim Cessna's Auto Club released Unentitled, their fifth studio album, in March, but the spirited live show's a can't-miss. Find yourself at the Rhythm Room this week for solid tunes, a band with personality. And, hey, maybe you'll find a date for Judgment Day.

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Chris Hassiotis