Slipping Into Darkness Plans to Take Phoenix by Storm

One of the coolest shows coming through town this week (and there are plenty) is happening at the Pressroom on Friday. San Francisco's Thee Oh Sees will make their third stop in Phoenix this year, but this time they have two really cool opening acts, Tucson's Lenguas Largas and Desert Hot Springs, California's Slipping Into Darkness. We spent a few minutes chatting with bassist Nigel Dettelbach about the show, his band, and what the future holds in store for his excellent, genre-defying band. 

New Times: Tell us about the show with Thee Oh Sees. What should folks expect from Slipping Into Darkness?

Nigel Dettelbach: We are all very excited. Thee Oh Sees are an amazing band and we respect them fully. We expect the show to be insane. We are going to lay it all out for this one. We feed off the crowd, so the gnarlier they get, (they gnarlier)  we get!

We are also renting a spot out for the after party so be sure to hit us up after the show for details. 

How did the band come to exist? Tell us about the name...

Michael Durazo and I (Nigel Dettelbach) met in 2007 on the way to random party called No-chella Fest in the high desert in California. Fate would have it that we ended up getting into the same shuttle bus on the way to the show and hit it off right away, sharing a bottle of whiskey and talking about our love for Black Sabbath, oldies, and the Dead Boys. We talked about jamming together because we both wanted to start a band. We followed through with our plans and got together a few days later in Desert Hot Springs, California. We first started off recording demos in Michael's Garage on a little multi-track recorder tracking songs, then started playing wild and packed desert shows. We quickly got a rep(utation) for having crazy/ unpredictable shows, but we liked the fact we didn't bring a mundane show for our fans and friends. We like to keep things a little dangerous; that's the way rock 'n' roll should be.

We would pack out bars getting wasted and being underage, but the owners didn't seem to care because we were making them money. As far as the name Slipping Into Darkness goes, it means different things to different people. I think like songs — it's best left open for your own interpretation.

Your next two shows are in Phoenix, at least from your facebook page. What do you like about playing here?

Yeah, September 25 with Thee Oh Sees and Halloween night with King Kahn and BBQ show. They are both going to be nuts! This will be our first time playing with Thee Oh Sees so we are hyped for that! We have played with Mark Sultan aka BBQ and King Kahn and the Shrines both multiple times but never with King Kahn and BBQ together. We are hyped. They make bad ass music!

It's safe to say Phoenix is one of the bands favorite places to play. We get a lot of love from the crowd at shows/ college radio and all the people we have met have been really cool. We have been lucky enough to have been booked at awesome shows every time we go to Phoenix. For instance, at Crescent Ballroom, we have played with the Black Lips/ King Kahn and The Shrines/ King Tuff. We were even invited out for Viva PHX, which we loved.

What should people know about the band?

We are four guys from another desert. Just like you guys we learn to live with the heat. 
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