Watch Billy Corgan and then hit the blackjack tables.
Watch Billy Corgan and then hit the blackjack tables.

Smashing Pumpkins Coming To Gila River Casino's Wild Horse Pass in December

What's more humbling for an alt-rock band whose better days are behind them? Playing a free concert being put on by a radio station or performing at a casino. In a few weeks, Smashing Pumpkins will have the dubious distinction of having done both within the span of six months. 

KUPD brought Billy Corgan and his crew to the Valley back in August for a free gig at the Venue Scottsdale. And now X103.9 FM has been trumpeting the band's upcoming show on December at Gila River's Wild Horse Pass Casino.

It seems like a natural fit for Corgan and whatever musicians he's recruited to fill out Smashing Pumpkin's roster, as the Gila River's bread and butter is concerts featuring such acts as The Temptations and Styx (both of which haven't had their original lineup for decades). 

At least OK Go is also on the bill. 

Tickets for the show can be purchased here and are a mere $15, allowing y'all enough left over for a trip to either the buffet or the blackjack tables.

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