Club Candids

SMoCA If You Got 'Em

SMoCA Nights has become the quintessential fashionable event for Valley clubgoers who want to hang up their ho-bag clothes for the night and feel high-class. With fine art as the backdrop, social sophisticates showed off their stiletto pumps and designer dresses. The crowd at "Luna: Fall SMoCA Nights" on Thursday, November 9, was jam-packed with super sexy singles and media mavens (yours truly included). Plenty of hot chicks and suave sirs got face time, because the place was crawling with click-crazy correspondents chasing down bodies.

Eye candy aside, there were plenty of other voyeuristic opportunities. Outside, members of Alpha Monster art collective were splatting, rubbing and scrubbing canvases to show off their mad artsy skills, accompanied by live music from The Year of Acceleration. Our beloved and sly sweater guy, Mark Newport, popped up in corners wearing his famed knitted superhero full-body suits, and DJ trio "The Mod Squad" synchronized their iTunes to provide beats for the toy-inspired fashion show. After hours of boozing and floozing, there was surely a rash of Friday-morning hangovers.

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Lilia Menconi
Contact: Lilia Menconi