Snake! Snake! Snakes! to Play Free First Friday Show at Lost Leaf Tonight

The Lost Leaf in Downtown Phoenix is notoriously loud. Both on the crowd side and on the music side.

Last summer, I saw Former Friends of Young Americans singer Toby Fatzinger and Marco Holt of The Tremulants perform solo sets there and they were literally drowned out by the bar-hopping crowd.

Even though they were rocking by their lonesomes, that's a pretty loud decibel level the crowd has to hit to compete with a plugged-in guitar.

When Snake!Snake!Snakes! visit the Leaf tonight, they'll be rolling with full band in tow, so they shouldn't have that problem. They'll be busting out two sets at the free First Friday show.

Snakes! will be taking the stage at 10 p.m., so make sure you get there early enough to secure your corner of the bar. Oh, and crowded or not, vocalist Jonathan Messenger says you'd better bring your dancing shoes.

Up on the Sun: What's new with Snakes?

Jonathan Messenger: Well, we're starting to book a lot of out-of-state shows and hopefully continue to do so. Just being on the road is a lot of fun. In March we'll be making it out to SxSW for a few days there, along with San Antonio and a few other dates as well. We're gonna push for a full week to get as much exposure as we can in that small timeframe. Should be exciting traveling with the dudes.

Lost Leaf this Friday . . . That place is crazy-loud, not to mention tiny. Should be a helluva scene. Where does Lost Leaf stack in terms of playing spaces for you guys?

It is small, but in my opinion, that's what I like. I like the intimacy of being that close to the audience. Maybe [I'll] get in the crowd and throw people around, or just invade someone's comfort zone. Just kidding, [it] should be a good time. As far as volume goes . . . maybe we'll turn it down. Maybe not. But bring your dancing shoes.

This Lost Leaf show's actually the build up to our big show at Crescent Ballroom next week, February 11, with Gospel Claws and Mergence. Both really good people and amazing artists, definitely not a show to be missed. I'm actually really stoked to play it.

In retrospect, what are some reflections you guys took from 2011?

The EP's going great, we had much success as far as promoting ourselves with it. We've talked to many great people. As far as 2012 goes, we're trying to be even more structured as a band now, and push ourselves more on the business side of our music.

What else is in store for 2012?

Well, we are hitting the studio and will be releasing a new single, with some help from Common Wall Media, by SxSW. [There is a] possible video in the works as well. We're also figuring out dates and costs for recording a new album, and solid touring for summer or fall of this year.

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