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Sneed Leed: A Room Full of Haters

Basics: Is there room for more haters? I don't like to start things off like that, but I couldn't help myself -- especially given the title of the damn album. A title, I might add, that was not included on the CD itself and was found only after I did a few Google searches for "Sneed Leed."

Rule #1 should be to include the name of the album that you are submitting to YAFI, yet this is not the first time it's happened. 

Unfortunately for Sneed, this makes the experience of listening to his odd guitar-funk all the more challenging.

Best Song: The song "A Room Full of Haters" is conveniently situated at the beginning of the album. It is the first song you hear upon inserting the CD and, thus, it comes with no expectations. The song paints a clear picture of just what Sneed Leed plays -- instrumental guitar funk over a crappy, overused drum machine. Sure, the guitar playing is interesting enough, but full, 70 minute album of guitar funk? With basically no lyrics? That's stretching it. Since "A Room Full of Haters" is the first song on the album and is somewhat intriguing -- intriguing in the sense that it's better than listening to nothing at all -- it is the best song on the album.

Worst Song: "Straight Funk" might not win any awards for being the amongst the most clever of song titles -- hell, it won't win any other awards, either. The song is confusingly bad, aided in its search for ineptitude with a bizarre, chipmunk-esque vocal sample delcaring, "Mommy, I wish I could be like Charles Sneed." I simply cannot describe to you how truly bizarre and just plain awful this song is in writing, yet I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy to have to sit and listen to it.

Suggestions: I shouldn't have to search for the title of the album. The more work you make me do will negatively effect how I hear your music -- regardless of how good or bad it is. Song titles like "Stay Out Them Bushes," "I Killed Your Kat," "E-Mail Love," "You A Real Hotty" and "Did I Funk You????" don't exactly inspire confidence in listeners -- especially when it's guitar funk you're playing. How the hell are you going to play a song warning people about staying out of bushes through guitar funk?

Grade: D-

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