Solstice Saturday at Bar Smith

Some people (usually the ones who complain all the time and are absolutely zero fun to hang out with) are always trying to say there's no nightlife in Downtown Phoenix. After cruising down to 2nd Avenue and Washington over the weekend to check out Bar Smith's Solstice Saturdays, the debate is over and they unequivocally lose.

Downtown Phoenix is so packed with partygoers, in fact, that parking can be an irritating and/or expensive ordeal (we paid $10 for a parking garage) and the lines of people waiting to get into each club tend to blur together into a sea of excited, gussied-up bodies.

While Stoudemire's, Majerle's, PHX, Silver and Sky Lounge were all poppin' off Saturday night, we're convinced that Bar Smith's atmosphere was by far the best. The bi-level club was packed with lively patrons who drank and danced to a well-mixed soundtrack of new and old school hip hop, R&B, funk, house and more selected by a lineup of highly reputable DJs including Element, Pete Salaz and Senbad. The vibe was welcoming and the crowd was eclectic, exactly the type of place we want representing our beloved Downtown.

See more shots from Bar Smith in our slide show.

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Adriane Goetz